The Wisdom of Scamps

There is a lot to be said in favour of bears, and Scamps is always ready to say it!


Bears are particularly fine company when you need a hug. Always willing to oblige, they are not judgemental - and will always offer a sympathetic hug.


There is something comforting about cuddling a furry creature - as dog owners know. Imagine how much better it is to cuddle a sweet smelling bear - where the worst thing you'll encounter in their fur is a little dust!


You can spend a lot of money on some bear brands. But if you are looking for a play bear who is up for a bit of hugging then you really don't need to spend much at all.

Scamps through history

Scamps claims to be a bear of uncertain age, who has achieved fame throughout the ages. The events below are a selection taken from this diaries. These bears make no comment on the accuracy of the events described…

  • AD21

    Emperor Scampus

    Scamps in Ancient Rome

    Scamps was a well known Roman Emperor, who led his armies to many great victories. He conquered a number of states with genuine conkers and only the loss of some of the records of the time has prevented his fame from being more widespread.

  • AD1500

    King Scampsinian

    Medieval Scamps

    After a period of quiet contemplation, Scamps returned to make his mark in the Middle Ages, steering his country through the vicissitudes of the time. Loved by his subjects, in his mind, he eventually had it decided for him that he should relinquish his rule to return to his country estates.

  • AD1940

    Reichsmarchall Scamps

    Nazi Scamps

    In something of a faux pas, Scamps rose to the dizzy heights of Reichsmarschall SS. His Königstiger tank was the scourge of many a battlefield (to the disappointment of his troops it was often more of a scourge to them). After the fall of Berlin, he once again decided, due to popular demand, to retire from public life for a while.

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