Injured Bear
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The Bears have received a lot of correspondence recently enquiring as to their health during the current pandemic, particularly given that the UK's government at Westminster seems to be making a dog's dinner of the crisis. After all, some of our bears are of advanced years.

Curly is happy to relay the news that bears are immune to COVID-19 ...

Curly wearing his watch
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One of Curly's new interests is his watch collection. Apparently the same watch brands you may be familiar with are also marketed to bears. Curly decided to start with an attractive silver watch. While it is a quartz model, he advises that paws are not well suited to winding.

He is now saving towards his first Rolex.

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So, I'm sure that you are all sitting with bated breath - wondering what system the bears now use for their music listening. Having jettisoned the Apogee Duet 2 after continual issues with it, Curly decided that it was best to move back to something more offering a more high fidelity approach. That meant running the audio from the Mac through a DAC, ...

Synology DS916+ NAS
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The bears are proud of their IT systems, and the fact that their existing Synology DS411j boxes were getting very slow was troubling them. Synology have a very good name for their NAS OS, but some of their machines have been a little underpowered in the past. It was time for the bears to update to something that could handle their requirements with ...

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