Original Curly

Original Curly is the founding father of curlypaws.com — he is a long standing sage of great wisdom and understanding. The other bears flock to him when times are hard. He is penniless, but only in a pecuniary sense… His wealth extends to millions when taking into account his warmth and understanding — which he is happy to share generously with the other bears. He is, it has to be said, eminently huggable — as his vaguely saggy appearance shows.

He is also one of the most human-oriented of the bears, happy to comfort and advise humans as well as bears. Any heart would melt when faced with such a kind hearted little bear.

Original Curly was the very first of the Curly bears to make his way into our hearts. From the first moment that we saw him, we realised that this was no ordinary bear. From that moment, we knew that we had found a bear who would do more than just sit in a corner. This bear would become an essential cornerstone of our lives.

His past is also interesting. He was a working bear in the city of Newcastle, toiling long hard hours for small reward in a dark, satanic factory before returning to his rather run down brick built terraced house in a dingy area of town. Luckily he was rescued and brought back to a new life in the open countryside of Scotland. He has thrived ever since.

Original Curly is very environmentally minded, but not totally averse to the finer things in life. He therefore drives a Fiat 500 and, as you would expect, is a very courteous driver. These days, he likes to take life slightly more easily than he once did. He has a partner, Scampering Bunny, and the two of them are extremely happy together.

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