Consultant Curly

Whilst the case is arguable (particularly by Consultant Curly himself), he is the protégé of Commercial Curly. A little more heavily set and capable of a quite formidable “hug”, Consultant Curly spent a short career as an “enforcer” for some other bears of dubious repute. However, after seeing Commercial Curly waft past the Club he was minding one day, Consultant Curly felt that greater things beckoned.

Initially Consultant Curly moved into Management Consultancy, where he realised that a complete lack of qualifications would be no barrier to meting out binding advice to hapless Clients. This proved quite fruitful in terms of financial return however, he was experiencing just a few problems with repeat business - i.e. not very much of it.

Again influenced by others around him, Consultant Curly has since moved into Surveying as a career, with his large practice (for bears of course) dealing with both Quantity Surveying (where he has since qualified) and a fair bit of Property Management consultancy. He has found his past career as an “enforcer” to be not entirely out of place in this line of work.

Consultant Curly is the busiest of the bears currently with a lot of work on. He is just a touch less approachable than some of the others (they are a bit wary), however he is as kind at heart as any. Like Commercial Curly, he drives a Mercedes AMG S 63 Coupé.

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