Commercial Curly

Commercial Curly is the managing director of - an international company operating in a number of bear markets around the world. He is an astute business bear and his mobile phone and copy of the Financial Times are never far away. He is often courted for advice by world business leaders, impressed by the vast fortune that he has accumulated. They regularly beat a path to his door.

Commercial Curly also has a number of academic achievements to his name - he has an MBA earned at Harvard. Unfortunately Curly's fortune seems not to be readily converted to pounds sterling.

As you might expect of a bear of wealth and taste, Commercial Curly does his computing on Apple's top of the range Mac Pro using all the latest technology.

Commercial Curly is lucky enough to have a partner - Tiny Ice Bear. Tiny Ice Bear is an IT genius and is able to sort out Curly's computer problems. Commercial Curly, for all his business skills, is not particularly IT literate.

Commercial Curly enjoys the good life, and can often be found relaxing in a leather button back chair in a corner of his club - smoking a large cigar and with a glass of vintage port in his paw. He is usually found driving around in a luxury Mercedes S-63 AMG Coupe since he enjoys his comforts. As his girth may indicate he also enjoys a hearty meal - perhaps more frequently than is entirely appropriate.

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